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A is for  Alice - Massif - Sharon Grace Badia

“The world premiere of "A is for Alice" from Italy by director Sharon Grace Badia will kick things off.„

(interview to Mass Indie Film Fest's directors


“Patrick Bracken interviews five directors who will have their movies screen at this years Mass Indie Film Fest!„

(by Skip Shea, Patrick Braken & the Shawna Foundation)

Never Ending Film Festival

Television Interview by Vera TV

We discussed the process of making the film while being invited to appear live on the Italian channel Vera Tv.

(interview by Ludovica Pelliccioni)

Never Ending Film Festival - A is for Alice - Sharon Grace Badia - Jan Salminen - Finland - Helsinki - Sabine Pendry - Valerio De Prosperi - Alessia Pelagatti
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“Regular is boring, uncanny is better. Director Sharon Grace Badia is drawn to the strange„

(interview by Jan Salminen)

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